Private Commissions: Private commissions tend to be requests from an individual for a site specific work small to life-size and typically these commissions are to decorate a room in a home, an outdoor sculpture for a terrace, or fountain, or larger bronze pieces to flank a driveway entrance for the ultimate personal statement which both invites and guards the drive to one’s home, setting off the private drive from the public way.

Public Commissions: These commissions usually begin with a phone call to discuss a project of large presence to set in a public space.  Often it is a single person or a small group of interested and motivated people who want to raise money to erect a monument of some civic importance in their town.  Considerations of fundraising, non-profit status, permitting, and acquiring approval from municipal authorities for a site on town properties must be addressed; I can help with my experience of over 26 years in this business.


To start a new commission you need to…

  • Call to discuss your idea (207) 532-4141
  • Let your idea develop through dialogue with the artist.
  • Discuss budget: overall cost, progress payments.

We will be looking to find out:

  • Indoor or outdoor location
  • Which medium you would like to have your commission created in
  • Desired Size (which is a primary price determinator)
  • Timeline
  • Scope of your project
  • Fundraising plans (if needed)


Some larger projects require additional funding and fundraising becomes a necessity.  Glenn will work directly with the commissioning organization to create a fundraising plan that will work for your organization.

Underground Railroad StatueExamples of fundraising

  • Scale model as a gift to large donors or direct sales
  • Bronze or resin reliefs of statue or monument in situ
  • Relief coins of monument

Project Management

  • Progress payments linked to progress of the work
  • Payment plans
  • Opportunities for studio visits or progress reports through photos and through public presentation if necessary

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